Each stage of one’s life presents new challenges. For many, these challenges can be an impetus for change and growth. For others it can create road blocks. Deciding how one meets these uncertain moments can often cause one to question one’s skill sets, personal beliefs and abilities. Understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses, having a strategy to meet these challenges, and ultimately being able to implement a realistic plan in one’s life journey is the key to a happy and successful life.

So often one can get stuck in negative thoughts, lost in the myriad choices, and overwhelmed by the size of the challenge. As a therapist working with hundreds of individuals at these Life Crossroads, I have helped individuals discover their strengths, create effective life tools and overcome damaging beliefs that hinder how they live their lives.

Life is about the possibilities. Having professional support can create a safe and healthy environment that encourages self-exploration, creates new skill sets, and enables new opportunities and relationships.

Can’t make decisions?
Learn tools to overcome your life blocks.

Unhappy with job and career choices?
Learn skills to create positive life choices.

Repeatedly passed over for promotions?
Learn to cultivate your skills professionally.

Feel that networking is beyond you?
Learn a step-by-step skill approach to networking.

Unable to complete what you start?
Learn ways to manage your time and finish tasks successfully.

Stuck in a rut and unable to move?
Learn to change destructive life patterns.

Anxious and fearful of making life changes?
Learn creative ways to overcome your anxiety and quiet your fears.

Unable to commit to a relationship?
Discover how to address and overcome your fears.

Difficulty expressing your thoughts and feelings?
Learn to grow your communication and interpersonal skills.

Caught in the middle of your family conflicts?
Learn effective ways to navigate the personalities.

Questioning your parenting skills?
Learn useful tools to tackle the many parenting challenges.

Feel your life has no meaning or passion?
Learn to uncover and nurture your true hidden talents and interests.